About 2 Tall Bros


Travis Peterson

Hello, I am so glad you have come here to check our website out and make sure our business is something that is legit and someone that you would want to do business with. I have always had an interest in houses and at first flipping houses. My wife and I loved those flipping shows on TV and would always say maybe we should get into something like that. It looks like a lot of fun and would be interesting. Then I thought about trying to get properties to be and rent them out for a residual income and basically be a landlord. The more and more I looked into that. I was thinking that this was just something that wasn’t for me. Then I stumbled on some podcast and they were talking about LAND. I immediately told my wife, I think I found the business that would work for me. I want to buy and sell land. I think there is a need for it. And I love being around and helping people out, especially with something that they want help with.

So I got into helping others find the right piece of property for them. I treat my business like I do anything else in my life. With honesty, Integrity, and just being upfront. I believe this is the only way to do business. Plus there is an element of trust in this business and I want my customers to feel comfortable in every aspect of the process.

I have a guarantee for this reason. I am fully guaranteeing any property that you buy with a 90 day money back.

I am here to help you find the property for you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me!